Prof. Dr. R. S. Pawar

Principal, PVPIT Bavdhan

Dear Students,

It is my privilege to welcome you all to the Padmabhooshan Vasantdada Patil Institute of Technology (PVPIT). PVPIT is one of the premier institutes in Engineering founded in the year started in 2006-07. In a concise period, the institute has established itself in imparting quality education which is one of its objectives. In the 21st Century, the field of ‘Engineering Education’ is transforming rapidly as the obsolesce of knowledge is being evidenced more than ever before. Inconsistent with this, the institute is all set to go hand in hand with the use of state-of-the-art technologies to make the teaching-learning an enjoyable experience for the students. The Engineering course has been started with a specific mission to acquaint the Engineers graduating from the PVPIT with the noble practices of teamwork and quality aspects. In nutshell, the institute is heading towards an interdisciplinary academic forum comprising scientists, engineers, business people, and society’s leaders. Thus the above-mentioned scenario will enable the learners to march forward to excel in Engineering mixed with the values.

I wish you all the best to commence your journey toward new heights in Engineering education. On behalf of management and my faculty colleagues, we assure you of a great deal of support in terms of infrastructure which will revitalize your professional life. We are committed to building your career in the invigorating environment fully equipped with state-of-art knowledge, innovative and creative practical laboratories, and encouraging an entrepreneurial attitude of the faculty members. I expect all of you to be sincere, responsible, committed to your work with a “never give up” attitude, and committed to the unquenchable thirst for knowledge.