Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering can be defined as the technology and science designing, constructing, implementing, and maintaining hardware and software components of contemporary computing systems and equipment that are operated, and monitored through a computer.

The secret in education lies in respecting students. The great difficulty in education is to get experience out of ideas. You cannot teach a person anything, you can only help him find it within himself.

Prof. Pramod Chaudhari

HOD, Mechanical Engineering

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M. Tech (Turbomachines)


To be a knowledge hub in the field of Mechanical engineering education for socio-economic development.


  • To impart knowledge of Mechanical engineering through effective teaching learning process.
  • To inculcate the spirit of innovation and creativity by active participation in development activities.
  • To promote enterprising abilities for the benefit of society by imbibing professional skills.


  • To maintain a high standard of mechanical engineering education through outstanding teaching, innovative curricula, and research training that reflect the changing needs of society.
  • To attract highly motivated students with enthusiasm, aptitude and interest in mechanical engineering.
  • To pursue excellence in research and technology transfer.
  • To recruit, retain, and develop the members of the Department.
  • To increase the public awareness of Departmental activities and the Mechanical Engineering profession


  • To maintain a high standard of mechanical engineering education through outstanding teaching, innovative curricula, and research training that reflect the changing needs of society.
  • To recruit, develop and maintain a strong academic staff base for optimum departmental performance.
  • To integrate teaching and research for preservation and effective application of knowledge and skills.
  • To improve, develop and establish teaching and research programs in line with country's industrialization needs.
  • To develop and promote quality and market driven academic and professional pursuits.
  • To strengthen and expand collaboration and partnerships with industry and other organization.
  • To establish culture of hard work, good governance in leadership and management of the department.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO)

  • Have abilities for successful professional career.
  • Have an ability to address real life problem using modern tools and techniques.
  • Have an ability to build enterprise for betterment of society ethically.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

  • An ability to design solutions for thermal, hydraulic systems, design components and production processes that meet the specified needs with team work and management skills for safety, societal and environmental aspects through lifelong learning
  • An ability to use modeling and analysis software such as NX, Creo, CATIA, ANSYS etc. technologies necessary for obtaining quick, economical and accurate solutions of engineering problems.
  • An ability to design electromechanical and automation systems in multidisciplinary environments through better communication

Program Outcomes (PO)

  • Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to analyze, design and evaluate mechanical components & systems using state -of-the-art IT tools.
  • Analyze problems of mechanical engineering including thermal, manufacturing and industrial systems to formulate design requirements
  • Design, implement, and evaluate mechanical systems and processes considering public health, safety, cultural, societal and environmental issues.
  • Design and conduct experiments using domain knowledge and analyze data to arrive at valid conclusions.
  • Apply current techniques, skills, knowledge and computer based methods & tools to develop mechanical systems.
  • Analyze the local and global impact of modern technologies on individual organizations, society and culture.
  • Apply knowledge of contemporary issues to investigate and solve problems with a concern for sustainability and ecofriendly environment.
  • Exhibit responsibility in professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues.
  • Function effectively in teams, in diverse and multidisciplinary areas to accomplish common goals.
  • Communicate effectively in diverse groups and exhibit leadership qualities.
  • Apply management principles to manage projects in multidisciplinary environment.
  • Pursue life-long learning as a means to enhance knowledge and skills.
Mechanical Lab-I

To equip the students with good communication skills. To emphasize the need of English in the technical world. To prepare them for interviews and future job environments. To train the students in the art of conversation and discussion. To enable them to learn better pronunciation through stress on word accent, intonation, and rhythm.


This lab is utilized as central M/C shop facilities for first year to final year undergraduate students. It includes CNC Trainer Lathe, Radial Drilling M/C, Cylindrical Grinding M/C, Column and Knee Type Milling M/C, Injection Moulding M/C, Electrical Press M/C, Shaping M/C, Power Saw M/C, Lathe M/Cs, TIG Welding M/C, Electric Arc Welding M/C.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

This lab is run in relation with Undergraduate (UG) theory course Fluid Mechanics of SPPU. The objectives of experiments includes Metacentric Height Ship Model, Calibration of Venturimeter, Notches Apparatus, Pipe Friction Apparatus, Pressure Measurement Setup, Reynold's Apparatus, Bernoulli's Apparatus, Redwood Viscometer, Electrical Analogy Setup

Applied Thermodynamics

This lab shows various engine setups and models, including 4-Stroke Petrol & Diesel Engine. Students are conducting experiments on these engines to determine different engine parameters, such as brake power, BSFC, heat balance sheet, etc. Models of the carburetor, fuel injector, ignition system, and calorimeters are also present in this lab.

Design Centre
Mechanical Department
MACK Valves Indian Pvt. Ltd.
Mechanical Department
Boost India Pvt. Ltd.
Mechanical Department
Annanya Interface & Controls Pvt.Ltd.
Mechanical Department

Milestone Packages

Prasad Ravindra Nagare


Abhishek Kiran Jadhav

Wipro (3.5 LPA)

Yash Madhukar More

Wipro (3.5 LPA)

Tausif Yusuf Atar

Wisteria Real Vision (6.72 LPA)

Omkar Dhananjay Patane

Capgemini (4 LPA)

Shravan R. Tilekar

Capgemini (4 LPA)

Kamlesh Vinayak Sutar

Infosys (3.6 LPA)

Saurabh Ajit Wadekar

Infosys (3.6 LPA)

Tejas Dilip Nemade

Infosys (3.6 LPA)

Dnyaneshwar S. Jadhav

Wipro (3.5 LPA)

Manoj Bapurao Jadhav

Wipro (3.5 LPA)

01 January 2016

Dr.S.M.Kukarni prize for Excellent paper Presentation in CCISP 2016

Dr.S.M.Kukarni Awarded the prize for Excellent paper Presentation in International Conference on Communication, Image and Signal Processing (CCISP 2016) at Dubai (UAE)

Venue: Department of E & TC Engineering

12 December 2020

HI FLYER Event In TECHNOTHON 2K20 Held At Mechanical Engineering Dept

HI FLYER Event in TECHNOTHON 2K20 held at Mechanical Engineering Dept


25 December 2021

A cricket tournament for students of PVPIT.

To promote team spirit among students , To enhance organization skills among students.





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