Internal Assessment

Formative Assessment Approach
The institute conducts assignment and MCQ test for courses using open source software like Moodle. Brain storming and question-answer sessions are conducted and the ideas are evaluated at the end of the session. Group discussion and critical problem solving during the course conduction are observed and evaluated. On completion of course, course end survey and laboratory end survey is conducted which are used as one of the techniques in evaluation.
Summative Assessment Approach
Institute conducts mid-term and end term / internal tests for 30/70 for TE and BE students and 50 marks for FE/SE. University conducts 50 marks online examination for FE and SE students and 30 marks in-sem examination for TE/BE students. Project work is also evaluated through presentations by internal examiner and industry experts.


Summative and formative assessment helps to clear the fundamental concepts of courses and promotes continuous learning. Class tests, MCQ tests, assignments help the students to prepare for university and competitive examinations. Mock oral/practical examinations helps the students to face university oral/practical examination with confidence. Improvement in students overall behavior, punctuality, attendance etc. Project competition and presentations in presence of industry experts helps to know current trends and practices followed in the industry.
To monitor the student progress, LMS such as Moodle, Inpods are used in examination management process. Institute has transparent continuous internal evaluation system which consists of internal assessment tests (twice in a term), re-test and evaluation of practical exercises.
Students attendance is regularly updated on Moodle. All students can view their attendance through their Moodle account.
Timely display of record of attendance and test result on notice board. During the assessment of practical and oral, attributes like technical ability of student communication skill, logical understanding behavior of the student, personality, ethical values and professionalism is observed and rated.
The department communicates progress report of their ward to the parents to maintain the transparency.