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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a discipline that is concerned with designing, constructing, and maintaining natural and physically built environment inclusive of public works like railways, pipelines, structural components of buildings, sewerage system, airports, dams, canals, bridges, and roads. It is categorized into several sub-disciplines.

It entails the application of scientific and physical principles for solving societal problems, and closely linked to the advances in the understanding of mathematics and physics. Being an all-encompassing profession includes several sub-disciplines. Its history is closely linked to the knowledge of structures, materials science, geography, geology, soils, hydrology, environment, mechanics, and other fields.

Our civil engineering program prioritized the effective articulation of the concepts associated with elementary technology and science. Our emphasize on practical knowledge through projects and lab to gain knowledge in areas like Structural, Environmental and Highway Engineering, Construction Management etc. that are in line with industrial requirements.

They design and plan houses, office buildings, factories, and other structures.

They assist civil engineers in the planning, designing, and construction of infrastructural projects bridges, highways, and other utilities. Moreover, they offer assistance in the planning, designing, and building of commercial, industrial, residential, and land development projects.

They are involved in the planning, coordination, budgeting, and supervising construction projects from the beginning until the end.

They implement the principles of soil science, biology, chemistry, principles of engineering, and chemistry for developing solutions of environmental problems. These engineers also give their gainful contribution in the improvement of recycling, public health, waste disposal, air and water pollution control.

They are concerned with the designing of outdoor spaces for campuses, parks, recreational facilities, private homes, businesses and other open areas.

Regional and urban planners frame and develop plan for land use that will be helpful in the creation of communities, provide accommodation to the growing population, and provide intellectual assistance in the development of towns, cities, countries, and metropolitan areas.

Civil engineers play a pivotal role in community development. The work of civil engineers is full of creativity, as they handle different unique projects which keep them away from monotonous work. Moreover, the scope of research and an opportunity to work with new material and technology is endless. Thus they can lean and experiment as much as they can.

  • Bosch
  • GTL
  • Larsen and Turbo
  • Cybage
  • Unity
  • ZenSar
  • Godrej
  • Continental
  • Bentley
  • Sigma
  • Benteler
  • Sigma
  • Finolex

Our civil engineering department is concerned with providing excellent academic environment for students so that they may grow to become a capable civil engineer. JSPM give priority to reinforce students with the fundamentals of Civil Engineering that will provide a vibrant and scholarly environment to launch successful careers.
We provide the learner with all the assistance needed in exploring, and developing innovations contributing to research, higher education, and entrepreneurship development in different applied domains of civil engineering.