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Research Strategy

PVPIT aims at creating an ambience of research and thus providing a sustainable research environment. The college strategic plan of 2009-14 recognized the need for research essential for the following: The college encourages the research and scholarly activities of Staff members and support such activities where appropriate. As such the college is fulfilling a significant educative function that includes planning and organizing a variety of research development initiatives to enhance the research endeavors of academic staff. In line with this, the PVPIT approach includes college, department and faculty level research planning and research networking in Thrust areas.

Strategic Goal

PVPIT will be a gateway to industry in terms of innovative, strategic and applied research and development, consultancy and corporate training, encompassing a Centre of Excellence in renewable energy and sustainable technologies.

Measures for Achievement of Goal

  • Establishment of the college identity as a centre for strategic and applied research
  • Creation of a gateway through a physical centre for the coordination of research, graduate studies and corporate training and consultancy
  • Enhanced research capability of identified staff, providing support linked to performance and appraisal
  • Identification of core research staff with international experience within the specified fields of research focus
  • Enhanced collaborative and international links
  • Identification of avenues of research funding
  • Extended provision of postgraduate programmes
  • Strengthened industrial commercial networks.
  • Collaboration with external training providers to bring specialist certificated courses to industry and commerce, and other agencies in India
  • Infrastructure for a Centre of Excellence in renewable energy resources and sustainable technologies
  • Specialist short courses with international partners in this key area
  • Promotion of conferences, seminars and workshops
  • Master’s programme in renewable energy resources and allied areas
  • Creation of a physical centre for research in renewable energy and sustainable technologies
  • Appointment of research and associate research staff through external funding