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Vision of Mechanical Engineering Department

To be a knowledge hub in the field of Mechanical engineering education for socio-economic development.

Mission of Mechanical Engineering Department

M-1: To impart knowledge of Mechanical engineering through effective teaching learning process.
M-2: To inculcate the spirit of innovation and creativity by active participation in development activities.
M-3: To promote enterprising abilities for the benefit of society by imbibing professional skills.

PEO, PO, PSO of Mechanical Engineering Department

  •  Program Educational Objectives(PEO)
    Graduates shall have ability
    • PEO1: Have abilities for successful professional career.
    • PEO2: Have an ability to address real life problem using modern tools and techniques.
    • PEO3: Have an ability to build enterprise for betterment of society ethically.
  •  Program Outcome(PO)
    • PO1: Apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering to analyze, design and evaluate mechanical components & systems using state -of-the-art IT tools.
    • PO2: Analyze problems of mechanical engineering including thermal, manufacturing and industrial systems to formulate design requirements.
    • PO3: Design, implement, and evaluate mechanical systems and processes considering public health, safety, cultural, societal and environmental issues.
    • PO4: Design and conduct experiments using domain knowledge and analyze data to arrive at valid conclusions.
    • PO5: Apply current techniques, skills, knowledge and computer based methods & tools to develop mechanical systems.
    • PO6: Analyze the local and global impact of modern technologies on individual organizations, society and culture.
    • PO7: Apply knowledge of contemporary issues to investigate and solve problems with a concern for sustainability and eco friendly environment.
    • PO8: Exhibit responsibility in professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues.
    • PO9: Function effectively in teams, in diverse and multidisciplinary areas to accomplish common goals.
    • PO10: Communicate effectively in diverse groups and exhibit leadership qualities.
    • PO11: Apply management principles to manage projects in multidisciplinary environment.
    • PO12: Pursue life-long learning as a means to enhance knowledge and skills.
  •  Program Specific Outcomes(PSO)
    By the completion of Computer Science program the student will have following Outcomes.
    • PSO1: An ability to design solutions for thermal, hydraulic systems, design components and production processes that meet the specified needs with team work and management skills for safety, societal and environmental aspects through lifelong learning.
    • PSO2: An ability to use modeling and analysis software such as NX, Creo, CATIA, ANSYS etc. technologies necessary for obtaining quick, economical and accurate solutions of engineering problems.
    • PSO3:An ability to design electromechanical and automation systems in multidisciplinary environments through better communication